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Un peu plus sur Sharkoo

Hey you, my name is Charles and welcome to my little world.

I've always been addicted to makeup and beauty in general since I was a little boy. Through the years, I've learned some basics makeup techniques by myself and after some beauty parties with my friends, I've decided to pursue this hobby by taking some courses. This makeup thing lead me to the drag scene for a moment and then I've decided to extend my experience by taking some special occasion contract. Regardless of my makeup/beauty passion, I'm the guy that will listen to his music, do some karaoke in his shower and enjoy all the beauty of Mother Nature. I'm working in the administration by day and the beauty industry by night. Always on the hunt to perfect my knowledge and my techniques, I'd rather practice and study instead of leaving for parties every nights. At the moment, I'm finishing my Master Makeup Artistry courses and slowly starting my influencer/makeup artist career.


"Makeup is a great tool to enhence your features. It's good to hide some imperfection and emphase what you want people to focus on. Your face become a blank canevas and makeup is your medium. Create, have fun and make good memories while you play. It can boost your self-esteem, truly."